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At 1 COVE we  provide a safe place for our partners to meet with exceptional people and partake in activities that foster a spirit of inclusion.​ Every project fulfills our goal of cultural understanding for each person/ company we reach while encouraging learning, discovery and development. We thrive on projects that require us to think outside of the box. Everything we do is driven by moving beyond familiarity. Whether it is a specific topic or something more abstract, change and insight are imminent.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Disruption brings innovation. Innovation encourages change. Change supports inclusion. Inclusion leads to expansion and moves the world (or your business) forward.


*Our programs are designed to cater to multiple areas of business innovation including digital, marketing, sales, product design, insights, and human resources. 




From Chicago’s Southside to some of the world’s largest global brands , LaShãda has traveled more than miles to acquire a unique skill set that connects big vision commerce with the cultural perspective of complex consumer markets.


Navigating an unorthodox route to corporate success, she often found she had to encourage her peers and leaders to reach diverse minority audiences with messaging that would relate to their buying motives.  This meant she also had to learn how to translate company goals into strategies that would earn the desired results within this audience.  Successfully utilizing this dual communication model, and recognizing the need for it in the broader marketplace, led LaShãda to launch 1 COVE.


Born and raised in a neighborhood that outsiders would label as difficult, it was only after LaShãda moved geographically and professionally that she truly recognized the disparity that separated her childhood world from that of consumers who were understood and catered to by business interests.

Not only did her experiences in corporate help to mold her as a professional, LaShãda also discovered the importance of bringing your whole self to work. While surrounded by people with industry experience, her life experience added value that informed the approach to business. LaShãda sought mentorship from familiar faces, those with similar backgrounds, and noticed that not many people within her team looked like her.  This inspired her to be intentional about becoming involved with the companies departments of Diversity and Inclusion by supporting their events and assisting with interns of color to assure that they had a “safe place” to ask questions. It was then that LaShãda realized that she had also become the “safe place” for her colleagues to ask questions about Black culture.

A seasoned professional who has worked more than a decade at several leading Fortune 500 companies including L’Oreal, Unilever and PepsiCo, LaShãda has realized the untapped potential for business growth by expanding the ability team members to reflect and respect the authentic voice of unfamiliar cultures and experiences.  Meeting the need to teach, reach, learn and earn in an immersive safe space for individuals and organizations is what LaShãda DiCosmo and 1 COVE will provide.


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